Internet Marketing Consultant Coaching 90 Day One on One Program with James Hickey will coach/mentor you or your company for 6 to 8 hours per month with 1 on 1 phone or Skype calls to fast track you to success. If you are located or want to visit San Diego, these meetings can be held in person.

James will assist you with your first several clients and ensure your success. Also includes everything listed above. (Includes access to IMTC, no payment of $497.00 required) One on One Direct Coaching and Mentoring includes Group Coaching Internet Marketing Consultant 12 Month Live Mastermind Group Coaching with James Hickey and 12 month subscription to 60+ Video Training Back Office. Includes 12 Months of Live Weekly 1 hour group coaching/training webinars. Access to Private Facebook Training Mastermind Group.

One on One Direct Coaching and Mentoring with James Hickey $3,995.00 – $2,000.00 = $1,995.00 Discount Expires 4/30/17

One on One Coaching

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